Man tries to shame an 83-year-old woman after she was struggling to put groceries into the plastic bags

Can we do better for Marilyn and everyone else…?

Today I was at the store and as I was leaving I noticed this beautiful old lady, all dressed up struggling with her PIN number at the register, and I saw this man behind her sighing and nodding his head all the time, at a moment he started screaming “Come on now, somebody has actually places to be”, while the cashier tried to help her, and I really felt bad for her and I started confronting him verbally, after few seconds he put his groceries back and left the store in rage.

As she was leaving the store the was a pole at the door that didn’t allow to take the cart out, I explained it to her, and I offered her my help, at first she declined but as soon as she saw at the parking lot and at her heavy bags, she said, “Really?” “Now I see, I would really love some help”…

She said “You might not even be parked near me”, and as we were walking to her car I learned that her name was Marilyn and that she was 83 years old living alone, and that she picked her daily stuff herself at the grocery store, as we were loading the groceries in the trunk she sighed and said, “These errands wear my old body out”.

The part that made me extremely said is when after we finished and shut the trunk she asked me, “How much do I owe you”, I laughed and told her, “No I must pay you”

I declined to take any kind of payment from her, and I told her that it was really nice to meet her and wished her a beautiful day.
But what really touched me is, first the man on the register behaviour and second how tragic is the thought that she has to pay someone to walk her to her car.

We got to stop failing our elderly, we need to stop failing our young ones who will only know the world the way we teach them.
I think we need to step out of our comfort zone and spark, lighten someone’s day up, and set this world on fire with Goodness.

Let’s make the world a great place to live again!.

From Marilyn to the World.

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