Couple married over 50 years d*ed in each other’s arms after tornado hit their home

A Kentucky couple married for more than 50 years died in each other’s arms during the devastating tornado that ravaged the state at the weekend.

Countless stories have emerged in the aftermath of the tornadoes that tore their way across Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas. Earlier this week, the death toll stood at 74, including 12 children, with that number expected to rise as rescue workers wade through the rubble.

Billy and Judy Miller, a couple married some five decades, lost their lives when a tornado hit their home in Kentucky.

According to reports, the pair were married when Billy went off to serve in Vietnam. Their granddaughter, Serenity Miller, told how Judy eventually got the wedding she had always dreamed of on the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary.

“When he went off to Vietnam, they got married, but it wasn’t the wedding she wanted,” Serenity said, as per MSN News.

“They went and she got the wedding that she wanted with all of us grandchildren. That there was everything to them.”

Despite having been together for 50 years, Serenity said their connection was as strong as ever.

“They grew really deep bonds after the loss of two of their children and that bond – I don’t think anyone could break.”

Serenity, who lived 15 miles away from her grandparents, explained that she had tried to get in contact with them early on Saturday morning, after the storm had passed, leaving a trail of carnage in its wake.

Tragically, her grandparents’ home had been reduced to rubble.

“They had passed away together, holding on to each other,” said Serenity, who told how their bodies had been found side by side.

Their grieving family have reportedly taken some solace in the fact that the couple were together right until the end.Earlier this week, we detailed how eight people had lost their lives at a Kentucky candle factory after being told they risked getting fired if they left before their shift had ended.

Workers at the Mayfield Consumer Products factory say they heard the warning sirens going off and made an effort to leave the building. However, at least five of them claim shift supervisors reacted by threatening them with losing their jobs.

A further six were killed when an Amazon warehouse collapsed in on itself in Edwardsville, Illinois.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of all of those who lost their lives this weekend during the deadly tornado outbreak.

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