This couple captivates audience with energetic dance to 1950s classic

I was really engrossed in every second of this; they are incredible!
You will enjoy watching this duo dance whether you are in the mood to dance or not.

Tanya Georgiievska and Sondre Olsen-Bye are a dance team renowned for their mesmerizing performances.

They did not fail to “wow” the crowd with their incredible improv performance set to the tune of “Rock Around the Clock” once more.

You’ll undoubtedly start dancing like this couple because to this song’s exuberant and boisterous energy.
Bill Haley is the author of the “Rock Around the Clock” hit song. The first song to top both the US and UK Pop Charts was this rock and roll hit from the 1950s. It is regarded as having influenced the popular acceptance of rock and roll and was included on Rolling Stone’s list of the Greatest Songs of All Time.

It makes sense that Sondre and Tanya chose it for their act.

Their boogie-woogie dances go well with this well-known rock & roll song!
The duo lets loose their cheerful, enthusiastic dancing rhythms to match the upbeat tempo of the music. They are dancing this social dance in just the correct way with their joyous movements.

The dancing floor is vibrated by their energy. Even the spectators can’t resist swaying to the music.

You’ll have to stop and catch your breath just watching them dance.

The duo perfectly matched the song’s strong energy with their dynamic and powerful performance. Through their dancing, onlookers are able to sense their passion. They certainly are adept at using dance to convey emotions.

Tanya and Sondre are renowned for giving outstanding performances.
Since 2015, the professional dancing duo has shared stages and competitions.

Their passion for dance has inspired them to travel and let their love of the boogie bring people together from all over the world.

Looking at their credentials is a fantastic technique to demonstrate their incredible skills. They have won numerous championships!

They are teachers in addition to performers!
They wanted to impart their expertise because they were so passionate and love dancing.

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