Sanjeok (산적) is a traditional Korean holiday food often served on Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok) and Korean New Year’s Day (Seollal).

It is a popular Korean dish because it’s colorful and has a good combination of tastes. You can customize it to your liking by adding or skipping certain ingredients.

Sanjeok is usually made with thinly sliced meat and vegetables that are skewered on a small wooden stick (e.g. toothpick) and lightly covered with flour and dipped in an egg wash before being cooked on a frying pan.

Normally, for the meat, a high-quality cut of beef is used and the strips of beef are marinated with a soy sauce-based marinade. If you’re feeling lazy, you can even use a store-bought bulgogi marinade bottle for the sauce.

For vegetables, some people might use carrots and green onions. There are also king oyster mushrooms for vegetarians instead of the meat.

Many families also use imitation crab meat and Korean ham instead of using the meat. To give more flavor and texture, some people also use yellow pickled radish.

Making sanjeok and other Korean traditional dishes with the family is a tradition many Koreans hold dear. You get to spend time with your loved ones and share in the workload.

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