R&B Singer Brandy Hospitalized: Days After Brother Ray J Shared Concerning Message, Need Prayer

R&B kinship This week is tough for the Norwoods. Brandy and Ray J are no strangers to controversy and making headlines. However, this week was alarming since it appears that the two are actually having health problems. Let’s examine what’s happening and

what might have led to Brandy being admitted to the hospital earlier this week. Ray J started things off by publicly considering suicide on social media.

The terrifying incident happened after Ray J engaged in weeks-long social media combat with Kim Kardashian and her family in an effort to reveal their participation in the tape that made him and Kim famous. At the top of a tall structure, Ray J was contemplating jumping.

Should I simply leap off to end the situation? He titled the video “Now,” which he then promptly removed. Before stating he’s just here for his children, he posed the question to his audience, If I die tonight. Princess Love, his estranged wife,

reportedly had to practically talk him down when the two were on vacation. According to a source close to Ray J, he thought about offering an apology and an explanation but decided against it after realizing he was being evasive. His sister was one of the people who was upset by the incident.

Brandy has battled her own problems for many years and has shown signs of depression and mental illness in the past. Over the years, Brandy would endure a slew of other devastating personal and professional losses. From her failed relationships with Sir the Baptist and

Ryan Press to her protracted legal dispute with her old label, Chameleon Records. She disclosed her depression in 2020. She said during her interview with Tamron Hall that she had also had considered suicide and had struggled for years in silence.

Brandy stated that she felt it was crucial for her as an artist and as a vehicle to utilize her music to share her experience. Sy’rai, Norwood’s daughter, would be a source of inspiration and hope.

Sadly, Brandy’s health problems recently worsened, and the singer was reportedly hospitalized after experiencing several seizures just days after her brother made a life-threatening thr’eat.

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