Nicole Kidman Was Not Given the Choice to Have More Children as She First Gave Birth after 40

Despite having fertility issues, Nicole Kidman defied all odds and fell pregnant at 41. She claimed she conceived after swimming in fertility waters while shooting a movie. Find out more about the actress’s story.

American-Australian Actress and Producer Nicole Kidman became a Hollywood sensation in the early ’90s when she worked opposite Tom Cruise in “Days of Thunder.”

Today, she is remembered for her role as Virginia Woolf in “The Hours.” Apart from her stellar career, Kidman also has a beautiful family to be proud of.

At 55, the icon is a doting mom of four children — Isabella Jane Cruise, Connor Cruise, Sunday Rose Urban, and Faith Urban. Although she is a mom of four, Kidman would love to have more children.

The actress once revealed that she would have loved to have ten children. Although her wishes seem far-fetched, Kidman is happy with what she has.

She gets to be a mother, not only to her kids but to 12 godchildren and six nieces and nephews. Here’s everything to know about the star and her motherhood journey.


To date, Nicole Kidman remains a source of inspiration to many women because of her professional achievements and strength during difficult situations.

The actress appears to be living happily with her family, but for the longest time, she struggled with fertility issues during her first marriage.

In 1990, Kidman tied the knot with Hollywood star Tom Cruise. They stayed married for more than a decade before calling it quits in 2001.

Sadly, their marriage yielded no children, as Kidman struggled to conceive. To become parents, the former couple turned to adoption. They adopted their first child and daughter, Isabella, in 1992, after she was born in Miami, Florida.

Four years after welcoming Isabella, the pair became parents of two, following the adoption of Connor in 1996. Kidman and Tom were happy with the adoption, but the former wanted her biological children.


Kidman finally got her wish when she tied the knot for the second time with Keith Urban. The lovebirds met in 2005 at the G’Day USA gala — an event honoring Australians in Los Angeles.

It was love at first sight for the actress, and although Keith did not come around at first, he eventually did, and the pair began dating. In June 2006, they married in Manly, Australia, and have been together ever since.

Time and again, Kidman and Keith have spoken about the love they share and the secret to their long-lasting marriage. In 2018, the producer revealed that her marriage had been successful because she and her husband make time for each other.


After experiencing fertility issues in the past, Kidman finally became a biological mother for the first time on July 7, 2008, when she gave birth to Sunday Rose.

Spokesman Paul Freundlich made the announcement, noting that Keith was by his wife’s side, and the mother and child were doing well.

Three years passed, and Kidman still did not conceive, and the actress felt like she was not given a choice.

Freundlich mentioned that the baby weighed six pounds and 7.5 ounces at the time of birth. He concluded by revealing that the couple was excited to share the good news with the world.

A few months after welcoming her child, Kidman shed more light on the pregnancy and how she conceived at 41 years old. The actress explained that she got pregnant while filming “Australia” in Kununurra in Western Australia.

Kidman claimed that the Kununurra waters she and the crew swam in helped her conceive. The actress, who called the waters “fertility waters,” said seven babies were born while shooting the movie. Finally, she claimed that there was something special about the water.


On December 28, 2011, Kidman welcomed her second biological child with Keith — Faith Margaret— through gestational surrogacy. Shortly after, the “To Die For” star went public with the news via a statement.

In the statement, Kidman said her family was truly blessed and thankful to have baby Faith as a part of their lives. The proud mom was grateful to everyone who was supportive throughout the period, and most importantly, the gestational carrier.

Kidman revealed that she and her husband opted for surrogacy because they felt desperate trying to conceive again. The actress said anyone who wanted a child knew the disappointment in trying and failing due to fertility struggles.

The Oscar award nominee mentioned that fertility was a big deal, and it was not a topic she would shy away from. In 2012, she told Australian Magazine, Who, that she had tried severally to conceive and failed. Kidman noted that she had also received fertility treatments and done everything possible to get pregnant.

So, when she got the opportunity to try out surrogacy, she did not hesitate. Kidman was happy it all worked out and expressed love for Faith and Sunday. The actress said she would die for her children, and having that feeling was unconditional love.


Despite having two biological children, Kidman wanted to have more. In 2017, the woman relayed that she hoped to conceive again.

However, due to her past experiences, she had doubts. Three years passed, and Kidman still did not conceive, and the actress felt like she was not given a choice. She told People:

“I wish I’d had more children, but I wasn’t given that choice.”

However, she is thrilled to be a mother and takes the role seriously. Kidman told CNN that she was ready to be a mother because she had experienced motherhood in many ways, adding that:

“I suppose my maternal instincts and drive has always been there since I was little… and that’s a huge driving force of who I am… I am a mother because I love being a mother.”

Currently, Kidman, Keith, Sunday Rose, and Faith Margaret live happily in Australia and go to church often. Although Keith has his own beliefs, he accompanies his family to church. Kidman says she has a strong belief in God and wants to raise her kids the same way.


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