Mom on a mission to show daughter with extremely rare birthmark that she is beautiful

People with face variances exist, and they are lovely. They deserve to be treated with the same decency and respect as everyone else. Remember we are all God’s beautiful and unique creations.

One mother is determined to show her daughter that she is more than gorgeous. Nicole Hall’s daughter, Winry, was born with a birthmark known as congenital melanocytic nevi, or CMN. As a result, the 13-month-old has a characteristic that distinguishes her from other youngsters.

Hall explained that when they initially gave the daughter to her, she assumed it was an injury. It was then rapidly obvious to her husband and her that it was not an injury. Furthermore, similar to the name, she thought it resembled a mole.

As indicated by the report by Dr. Harper Price of Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Dr. Heather Etchevers of Marseille Medical Genetics for the National Organization for Rare Diseases, CMN can manifest as light brown to black patches, can introduce in different ways, and may cover almost any size region or any part of the body.

Rather than being miserable about her girl’s conditions, Hall said she used social media to raise awareness of CMN and to inspire others that being “unique” is a superpower.

“This is the first time for a lot of people to see a birthmark like hers, and that’s part of why I like sharing,” Hall said. “This is a nice topic for parents to have with their children to see how children differ, or for parents who have a child that looks like Winry or has any sort of birthmark to see how their child is portrayed.”

Winry’s diagnosis may place her at a higher risk of getting melanoma, according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. However, Hall expressed concern about the frequency of bullying she may face as she grows older, rather than the chance of cancer.

Nonetheless, Hall claims she remains on top of things by taking extra precautions to preserve her skin.

Hall stated that her wellbeing and bliss are our first concern. They have to keep an eye on her with sunscreen. She is cautious with caps and something like that. She is sure their regular dermatological appointments will be our closest buddy as we get older.

Her mother stated that Winry’s personality is what genuinely distinguishes her. In her words, “She simply exudes happiness. She’s either laughing or shouting all the time. She’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. She’s already a huge talker. We haven’t spoken anything yet, but she tells it like it is and she’s already gaining a little sassiness, so I believe we’re going to have a lot on our hands.”

Hall’s large TikTok following has allowed her to digitally meet individuals from all around the world with similar backgrounds to her kid.

“We need to talk to a few folks from Brazil who have birthmarks,” Hall added. “One of them has one that’s virtually identical to Winry’s, and it’s been so much fun talking to her because she’s practically my age.”

A true inspiration to have a positive attitude when things are not the way you expected.

May the family be happy and spread joy to others too.

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