Mom Brings 3 Kids To Walmart, Gets To Young Cashier In Line And Says ‘I’m Sorry’

Talking with and caring about his customers are the favorite parts of his job for Nick Tate, who is employed as a Walmart cashier in Newcastle, Oklahoma.

He has a reputation for being kind to everyone he meets throughout his day.

While working a recent evening shift on a Friday, one of Nick’s customers was a foster mother with two girls and a baby in tow.

Nick could see she was having a difficult time keeping all three kids under control, while the line-up of customers behind her began to get longer.

Nick immediately felt compassion for this struggling young mother, who knew that other customers were judging her.

So he simply acknowledged that she was having a difficult day, to which the mother replied that she was sorry to hold everyone else up.

Then she tried to use a public assistance WIC card to pay for her purchases and it seemed like her day was getting worse.

She explained to Nick that she had never used this card before. Nick inserted the card several times, but each time it refused to register properly.

So Nick decided to pay the $60 bill himself, representing almost a full day’s wages for him, bringing the foster mother to tears.

When she got home, she posted her story on social media, thanking the generous Walmart cashier who displayed an important act of kindness to a struggling foster mother.

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