Model Says She’s to Pretty to Work A Regular 9 to 5: ‘F-k Getting Up at 6 A.M.’

Working 9-to-5, in the opinion of some, ain’t no way to make a living. That’s especially true when you can just model any time of the day you want.

So TikTok influencer Lucy Welcher says sorry, not sorry – but regular jobs are for other people. After all, a girl needs her sleep.

“I do not want to work for the rest of my life,” Welcher says in a now-viral video. “Does it look like I want to get up at 6 a.m. every f**king day for the next 60 years?”

We’re gonna guess probably not.

“No! I’m too pretty for that!” Welcher added, taking a sip of iced coffee.

Saying sassy stuff and sipping coffee seems to be a regular occurrence during her videos, and hey, it’s worked so far. Just don’t tell her it’s work.

Lucy Welcher on TikTok

Now, you don’t just claim you’re too pretty to work and escape without some blowback. So needless to say, not all of those who commented under Welcher’s video were cheering her on.

“Someone’s entitled,” read one of the more direct comments, via the New York Post. “I hope you get humbled girl, you need it. Looks have to nothing to do with working and it’s sad you have that mentality.”

Interestingly, it appears that Welcher does indeed have a job. In fact, despite her attitude towards work, it seems she even received a promotion.

“I’m starting a new position at my job today, so instead of folding towels, I’m going to be on the desk,” she said in another video.

“I’m very nervous to start on the desk, because although I may look very beautiful, smart and talented, I’m not actually smart at all.”

But hey, brains will only take you so far. It’s all about your looks. Right, Lucy?

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