Michael Oher Who Inspired ‘The Blind Side’ Wed Beloved of 17 Years: He Went from Homeless to Groom & Dad of 4

Michael Oher was homeless, yet his adoptive parents saved him. He became a successful football player with his mom’s help.
Michael Oher’s life story inspired the film “The Blind Side,” for which Sandra Bullock won her only Oscar.
Michael Oher just married his girlfriend of 17 years, with whom he had four kids. He couldn’t restrain his emotions.

Michael Oher is best known for his position in the NFL. However, it is the story of how he became an NFL champion that has touched the hearts of many. The story was even turned into a major motion picture.

“The Blind Side” was inspired by Oher’s story and shows how he became the sportsman he is today. His adoptive parents helped him become the man he is today after he suffered a tragic start in life.

Oher’s biological mother suffered from substance abuse issues, and he was forced to live in and out of different foster homes throughout his youth. Finally, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy adopted him when he was a teenager.
The couple saw that Oher needed help, put him through school and college, and encouraged him to pursue his football passion. His life story was written in a book before it was turned into a movie in 2009, which starred Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron.


Soon after he entered college, professional football leagues began to see his potential, and by the time he had graduated, he had been drafted into the NFL. However, his career sadly didn’t last very long.

Oher suffered a severe concussion in 2016, and when the 2017 season was about to start and the players underwent their physical examinations, Oher failed. He was then forced to retire from the NFL.

Although it was a difficult decision for Oher, he knew it was ultimately the right one for him and his family. Talking about his feelings, he said:

“It took me about two years to get healthy, to think again, and to make things happen again because I had a concussion, and it took me a while to recover.”

Inside Oher’s Amazing Love Story

Recently, Oher has experienced another win as he cemented his beautiful love story by marrying Tiffany Roy, his longtime partner. The couple tied the knot on November 5, 2022, after a long union.

Roy and Oher met a couple of years ago and have created a beautiful life together that includes bringing children into the world. The couple shares four children, sons Kobi and MJ and daughters Kierstin and Naivi.

Talking about her wedding day, Roy said she felt like a Queen and had been waiting for the day for a very long time. Their wedding planner, Tiffanie Elliot, said:

“Tiffany and Michael have been together for 17 years, so she wanted the guests to be met with an experience that was ‘worth the wait.’”

The couple’s wedding was a lavish affair to make the guests feel like it was worth the wait and included ballerinas, choreographed dances, and a ballroom in which the reception was held with much celebration.

The cake was five feet tall and adorned with feathers, which tied in with Roy’s wedding dress. The food at the wedding was also extravagant, and the couple treated their guests to specialty cocktails all night.

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