Indiana Police Officer Adopts Tiny Baby Girl Found in Safe Haven Box

A cop from Mishawaka, Indiana, and his wife were excited when they adopted an eight-year-old girl. They had no idea that another little miracle was coming their way a few weeks later.

Bruce and Shelby Faltynski were delighted when the opportunity to expand their family became possible. They welcomed home a sweet girl named Kaia in March 2022. However, the family’s adventure was only beginning.

The couple had lots of love to give, and when their phone rang a few weeks later, they were shocked. The Department of Children’s Services (DCS) presented another life-changing opportunity, and Bruce and Shelby couldn’t look away.

Fate Had a Surprise for the Couple
As a police officer, Bruce was familiar with the pain and cruelty in the world, but he never imagined that his job would lead to an unexpected bundle of joy. He and his wife were finding their feet as new parents to Kaia, but fate had plans to surprise them.

DCS contacted Bruce and told him about a tiny baby girl that needed a place to call home. She was found in a safe haven box where women could leave their children without legal repercussions. Shelby recalled:

“The doctor thought [she was] maybe less than 24 hours old when she was initially surrendered in the safe haven box in Lake County.”

The Baby Girl Was a Fighter
The infant named Myah was sent to the NICU and treated for stroke symptoms. Despite her tough start in life, she was a fighter and refused to give up. She was recovering well and meeting the various toddler milestones with ease.

The Faltynskis didn’t hesitate to welcome her into their family, and Shelby expressed gratitude towards Myah’s birth mom, noting that her actions were brave.

The Faltynski family inspired countless people with their kindness and love. By opening up their home, Bruce and Shelby gave two little girls a chance to grow and dream without limitations.

Adoption Day for the Faltynski Family
In November, Bruce, Shelby, Kaia, and Myah arrived at the courtroom with smiles and love in their hearts. It was Adoption Day, and they couldn’t wait to make Myah an official family member.

It was a joyful moment and one they would remember forever. The family of four was over the moon to be together, and parents Bruce and Shelby counted their blessings twice.

The Online Response
The Faltynski family inspired countless people with their kindness and love. By opening up their home, Bruce and Shelby gave two little girls a chance to grow and dream without limitations. Users applauded their deeds and wished them well:

“I worked with Bruce. These children are blessed to have such a Father.”

– (Scott Roth) November 19, 2022

“God bless this wonderful couple! Congratulations sweet baby!”

– (New Life Church St. Joe) November 20, 2022

“Absolutely love it, she will have a wonderful loving family. To the birth mom, thank you for doing the right thing to give your baby a better life than what you feel you could have done.”

– (Amber Jacobs) November 20, 2022

“What beautiful hearts this couple has. Congratulations on your second daughter!!!”

– (Judy Frey) November 21, 2022

“And now the birth mom will know she is taken care of.”

– (Melanie Frye-Sparacino) November 21, 2022

“Beautiful Christian family. So happy for you Bruce and your family.”

– (Becky Rzepka) November 22, 2022

Another Police Officer Adopted a Child
Bruce is one of many police officers who see the challenging sides of society. Another cop crossed paths with a little girl—the meeting changed his life forever.

Brian Zach met four-year-old Kaila while on duty in March 2018. They bonded, and she held his hand during their brief time together. When the cop from Arizona returned home to his wife and kids, he couldn’t stop thinking about little Kaila.

After speaking with his family, the man chose to adopt her. The Zachs welcomed Kaila with open arms and showed her unconditional love. What a selfless thing to do!

Well done to officers Brian and Bruce, who went well beyond their call of duty. They took in kids and gave them a better life. We wish them many years of joy and prosperity together with their families.

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