Every Day, a street sweeper in Bangkok Brings her Puppy to work with her so that he is not Alone

If you have a dog, you’ll understand why we wish we could take them to work with us so we could be with them all the time. A recent Facebook post depicts a public cleaning staff in Bangkok, Thailand, carrying her puppy on her back while completing her job

Thitirat Keowa-ram is the adoptive mother of Mazda, a one-year-old black and white dog who has made them all fall in love on social media. Mazda is a combination of Poodle and Shih Tzu.

The Mazda weighs around 10 kg, but Thitirat doesn’t seem to mind. According to the Bangkok Post, she enjoys accompanying him to work.

Mazda can be seen hanging quietly from a vest placed over Thitirat’s back like a backpack as she sweeps the streets of a Bangkok neighbourhood, unaffected by pedestrians or traffic.

Thitirat claimed he received the puppy a year ago from a friend, adding that Mazda is a sweet guy who is never irritated while they are together.

She claims that she wakes up at 3 a.m. every day to get ready for work and to take her dog with her so that he does not have to stay at home alone.

Mazda even has its own raincoat to keep you dry when it rains.

While some may find something like this weird, it’s great to see an owner that loves so much for their pet that they don’t want them to be alone when they’re not at home.

Bringing your dog to work has been increasingly popular in Thailand in recent years, especially among businesses with irregular working hours that consider the dog-friendly policy as a means to reduce employee stress.

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