Dick Van Dyke buys coats and gives them to those in need

Numerous stars find a way to support charities with their wealth and resources. This is a lovely way for them to work for the community and return the love they receive from everyone. They work on large scales through campaigns with many registered charitable organizations.

The 96-year-old Hollywood legend, Dick Van Dyke, was recently found buying numerous brand-new winter coats from a retail store. Later, the generous man donated them to the local non-profit organization of his choice. His heartfelt gesture of kindness moved many netizens into tears of joy.

The actor was found buying coats for the needy. He purchased a cart of multiple red plaid new coats from the store and personally delivered them to the charity office. The “Mary Poppins” actor was spotted pulling the trolley full of coats before he requested someone to help him put them in the car.

People, who needed help from the charity organization, would have undoubtedly been pleased by this generous gesture of the actor. This act of kindness came just a week after the actor was found distributing $5 bills to homeless people and many job seekers.

It was not that he just gave them some money; he also spoke to several employees at the center. The “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” actor also cheered up the locals before he left the charity center.

The legendary actor spoke to a few reporters before leaving his car. He stated, “Whenever I have some fives, I come by.” He further joked about it and said, “You can’t do it all the time, though.” Several employees called him “Angel from God.”

Several sources stated the veteran actor had been visiting shelters for the homeless every Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and several other days to offer support to the needy. People like Dick Van Dyke are rare gems and a blessing to those around them..

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