Diahann Carroll passed away at 84, loses can-cer battle (PICTURES)

It’s a sad day! Diahann Carroll, who was a successful and iconic actress, lost her battle with cancer today!
The actress died at the age of 84 in her Los Angeles home.

Carroll suffered from breast cancer and was diagnosed in 1997. The actress openly discussed her disease and talked about the importance of early detection of cancer.

In an interview, Carroll shared that her diagnosis came as a big shock to her, mainly because there was no family history of cancer and she took really good care of herself.

One of the most remembered roles Carroll did was in the 1968 show ‘Julia’. She was the first black woman to star in a nonstereotypical role in the American TV Show.

The sad news of Carroll’s death was confirmed by her daughter Susan Kay today.


Carroll was married four times with one daughter and had two grandchildren.

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