Baby twins looking at each other seriously, but then the baby in pink melted everyone’s hearts

The baby twins looked at each other seriously, and the conversation they had made many hearts melt. These two babies will be lifelong best friends. They are truly a blessing to each other.

When you’re a sibling, it means you have an automatic best friend whenever you need one. Through the good times and the bad, you have someone who will be there for you, who you can talk to openly, and who will give you the support you need.

But when you’re a twin, then you have someone you have an even stronger bond with. That’s exactly what these two sisters share, and luckily, mom and dad managed to capture a beautiful moment of their interaction.

Although things are great now, Twins UK explain that with twins there is an increased possibility of conflict. Geminis often feel like they need to stand out and be the “better” of the pair and constantly have to fight for their identity.

That is why it is very important for parents to carefully monitor such behavior and give opportunities to twins to find their own interests. If they have the opportunity to express themselves independently of their sibling, then there is less chance of them feeling like they have to prove themselves and stand out.

Fortunately, these two babies are too young to feel any need to prove themselves. And luckily, they’re cute to look at.

Mom and Dad caught Merle and Stijin in the middle of creating their own language. These two little girls were babbling to each other in the cutest conversation you’ll ever hear.

It is not uncommon for twins to develop their own language. This phenomenon is called cryptophasia and is very interesting.

Twins often create their own language because they spend a lot of time together and develop at the same time and pace. They imitate and encourage each other.

Watch this sweet conversation in the attached video. This is definitely the beginning of a lifetime of love and friendship.

These two babies will be lifelong best friends. They are truly a blessing to each other. It is clear that they will be by each other’s side for better or for worse.

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