10-Year-Old Missouri Girl Named Miracle Helps Her Mom Deliver Baby at Home

When a 10-year-old girl learned that her pregnant mother’s water broke earlier than expected, she immediately dialed 911. However, instead of waiting for the first responders, the girl followed the dispatcher’s instructions to help her mother give birth.

Miracle Moore, a fourth grader from Jennings, Missouri, lives with her sister, Taylor, and mother, Viola Fair. It was a usual day for the little girl when her mother suddenly went into labor three weeks before her due date.

Following her mother’s commands, Moore called 911 for help but had no idea that she would be the one helping her mother deliver the baby. What happened next was something no one expected Moore to handle so well.

An Emergency Situation
When dispatcher Scott Stranghoener received Moore’s call on October 23, he had no idea how things would take a different turn a few minutes later. “Hi, I think my mom is in labor,” Moore told him.

While Stranghoener alerted the first responders of the situation at Moore’s home, he didn’t hang up on the young girl. Instead, he guided her on what to do next to help Fair deliver the baby.

After leaving the door open for the first responders, Moore followed Stranghoener’s instructions and asked her mother to lie down on a flat surface. “I was scared,” Moore confessed.

Helping Her Mother
Since Fair was in pain, she struggled to lie down on her back. Moore noticed this and told Stranghoener about it. He advised her to place some towels underneath her mother’s back for additional support.

Moore’s unexpected efforts to help her mother give birth called for celebration.
Moore was a little girl who had never faced such a situation, but what she did to help her mother was exceptional. “It’s OK, Mama, it’s OK!” she assured her mother.

Welcoming Her Baby Sister
When Moore realized her little sister was about to be born, she told her mother and Stranghoener about it. However, when the dispatcher told Moore he would instruct her how to deliver the baby, she said, “Huh?”

Soon, Moore’s younger sister was born, but Fair didn’t have the strength to pick up her baby. Following Stranghoener’s instructions, Moore grabbed a soft towel and gently wiped off her little sister’s face before wrapping her. Stranghoener said to her:

“Be very careful, don’t drop the baby, OK?”

The First Responders Arrived
A few minutes after newborn Jayla’s birth, the first responders from Christian Hospital Emergency Medical Services and North County Fire & Rescue arrived at Fair’s residence, and Moore guided them into her mother’s bedroom. A paramedic revealed:

“We just picked the baby up first thing, wrapped her in a blanket, and yelled ‘happy birthday!’”

The paramedics took Fair and Jayla to the hospital, while Moore was praised for how she helped her mother deliver the baby. The little girl had done the unexpected.

Her Mother’s Feelings
Fair was also surprised to see how her eldest child helped her after her water broke. She recalled that she couldn’t pick up Jayla, but watching Moore clean the baby’s face made her feel relieved. Fair added:

“She was really helpful. I am very thankful.”

She Received Awards
Moore’s unexpected efforts to help her mother give birth called for celebration. North County Fire & Rescue awarded her a certificate and gifted her goodies, including a personalized shirt, a tablet with educational games, a notebook, and a pink stork pin that symbolizes delivering a baby.

Moreover, the Christian Hospital Emergency Medical Services also gave Moore a certificate in appreciation of her bravery. No one had expected a 10-year-old girl to handle such an intense situation so well.

The Comments
North County Fire & Rescue shared photos of the celebration and wrote a caption narrating what happened after Fair’s water broke. Netizens couldn’t help but share messages of support under their post. Here are some of the comments:

“Wow, what a brave little girl. So cool and calm. Mom sure was lucky to have your help. Best wishes always.”

― (@Robbin Mike Martin) November 17, 2022

“What a beautiful story! Miracle is an incredible young lady.”

― (@Patricia Ann Voss) November 19, 2022

“Great job, Miracle! Many blessings to you and your family. Great work, Dispatch Team.”

― (@SweetDee Dunnington Davis) November 21, 2022

We hope little Moore keeps making her mother proud and achieves her goal of becoming a part of the medical field. Share her story with your friends and family to brighten their day.

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