Todd Chrisley’s Son Hospitalized after Severe Car Crash

Todd Chrisley’s family after his son got into a severe car crash and was hospitalized.

Grayson Chrisley was sent to the hospital from the scene.
The tragic incident happened amid Todd and Julie Chrisley’s legal problems.

News broke today that “Chrisley Knows Best” star Grayson was severely injured in a car wreck on Saturday at around 5:30 p.m. He was rushed to the hospital as soon as emergency services arrived on the scene.

Fans immediately took to the comments section of the Facebook post that announced Grayson’s car wreck. Many wondered if the crash, which happened in the midst of his mother and father’s legal battles, would influence their being sentenced on November 21.

One fan wondered if Grayson should be on the road while his parents are embroiled in legal battles, while another remarked that the crash was “too much.” Many people said they were praying for the family during this difficult time.


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What Happened?
Grayson was in Tennessee on the evening of the accident. He was driving his Ford F-150 on the I-65 in Nashville when he rear-ended a Dodge pickup truck. The truck was reportedly stopped in standstill traffic.

Photos released after the incident show the mangled front of Grayson’s car and his shattered windscreen on the driver’s side. Grayson was rushed to the hospital after the incident, and it is said that his injuries are extensive.

First responders on the scene recalled that Grayson could not remember anything that happened after the accident and asked police officers what had happened. It has been said that this might be due to a head injury.

The ambulance rushed Grayson to the hospital on Saturday evening after the accident. It is unclear whether or not he is still in the hospital, but it is said that his truck has been totaled, and he is recovering.


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The other driver was also hurt but refused medical attention when it was offered. Police say no arrests or citations have been passed, but both trucks were towed from the scene afterward.

Grayson, now 16, got his first truck when he was 15. Apparently, his father was worried about him having a truck and feared that he would get into a car wreck like his older sister had done years before.

The accident happened amid Grayson’s parents’ legal battles. The couple was found guilty of federal bank fraud and tax evasion charges in June. They were set to be sentenced on Monday, November 21.


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The couple is set to face up to 30 years in federal prison. The family has been in hot water for a while now, and this was set to put an end to the multiple comments they have made in their own defense.

There is no sign of whether or not sentencing will go ahead now that the news about Grayson’s accident has come out. We hope that Grayson makes a speedy recovery.

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